Transport Tankers
Cartage Tank
Road Tanker

Transport Tanks

  • Chemical spray tanks
  • Chassis mounted tankers
  • Krapulator 'manure' spreaders

Composites will handle salt water, bore water - in fact even chemicals, eliminating the problem of rusting tanks. Tankers manufactured by Newell Composites for councils who transport corrosive brackish/salt water and travel over rough roads are now in their second decade of use.

These tankers are lighter than steel giving an extra profitable payload with up to five fold the life usage. Computerised calculations using foam core sandwich lamination construction achieve a very high degree of strength/weight ratio decreasing the overall weight, by at least 10% or more. 
High strength / low weight is achieved from use of space age fabrics similar to those used in the building of for example yachts, Australia 2 and other America Cup boats.

A common problem associated with the mounting of tankers on trucks is the twist of the chassis over uneven surfaces. The engineering division of the Newell Group design and build steel chassis to carry tankers on the truck chassis to overcome such problems.  Additionally extensions can be added to the chassis of the truck for mounting equipment and producing a very functional unit. Such extensions can be used for a variety of purposes such as adding pumps, valves, spray guns and bars.