QA/QC Consulting

Newell Composites' forty plus years of experience in plastics has allowed us to develop very high quality processes and procedures to the extent that we have been offered contracts to audit various composite reinforced manufacturing and products.

Our team of Field Technicians, Engineers, Laboratories, etc can offer a complete QA/QC audit service for all your Composite Reinforced Plastic (FRP or GRP) Equipment Australia wide.

Conduction Pipe manufactured in Indonesia

In 2002 Halliburton KBR engaged The Newell Group for a 5 month period to monitor the QA/QC of production of conductive FRP pipe and fittings in Jakarta and Battam, Indonesia.

The initial contract was for a 1 month period but was extended to 5 months.


Wind Turbine Composite Reinforced Plastic Components Audit QA/QC

In 2005 Tas Hydro engaged The Newell Group to evaluate the structural integrity of failed blades at a wind farm site.  A successful result was achieved.

In 2006 another contract was issued to further audit the composite quality of a larger section of wind turbines.  Blades and nose cones where fully reported on and documents issued.


Research and Development

Companies wishing to develop new products from composite reinforsed plastics are able to engage The Newell Group in total confidentiality.

Our engineers, designers and pattern makers develop prototypes from the latest highly heat, chemical and stress resistant new hybrid raw materials.

We have support links to several Asian, USA and European laboratories and manufacturers for this development.

Maintenance and Repairs

We have a skilled group of Field Technicians who are able to travel to your site and undertake any repairs and maintenance to your Composite Reinforced Plastic products. From a leaking tank to the addition of a flanged fitting.