Rainwater Storage
Rainwater Storage

Rainwater Storage Tanks

Our ‘Outback’ range of rainwater tanks are manufactured from food grade materials under the ISO 9001 quality assured procedures in our factory.  Only top grade UV Stabilised materials are used to produce these vessels.  Your investment is guaranteed for 20 years to you by our company.

The Outback tanks major features are:

  • Mirror smooth food grade interiors and straight-sided walls – this prevents build up of sediment etc on the tank walls allowing for easier cleaning
  • A slightly domed roof which has been reinforced, this has eliminated the need for a centre pole
  • A slightly raised manhole – this seals against ingression of run-off impurities
  • Available in a wide range of colours – you can choose a colour which will either compliment or blend into your existing colour scheme
  • All fittings are moulded into your plan to suit your application at no extra cost

Our aim is to supply you with a water storage vessel tailored to your needs with the longevity surpassed by no other products.
The Newell Outback tanks are an investment in the quality of your life.  We welcome you to discuss any aspect of storage with us further.