Quality Policy Statement

The Newell Group is committed to providing fibreglass reinforced plastic products, components and associated services that satisfy the quality, reliability and technical needs of its customers.
To achieve these objectives, The Newell Group has established and maintains an effective Quality System that defines functional responsibilities and essential quality criteria associated with design, procurement, manufacture, assembly and testing of its products. Adherence to this system means that the individual accepts responsibility for the quality of the work that he/she produces.


The Awards... The Quality... The Excellence...


What does this mean to you, the customer?

It means that we (as a Company) have been judged by some of the best business leaders in our community, against our peers and competitors, and have consistently proven to be the best (or top three) in our categories.

It shows that we are deeply serious about and excel in our commitment to:

  1. Customer service and satisfaction, by ensuring:
    Excellence in our approach to sales
    Excellence in design
    Excellence in manufacture
    Excellence in delivery
    Excellence in after sales service
  2. Consistently delivering the best value for money in all of the above.
  3. The long term stable development of our business in a manner that will ensure its survival and growth into the future to enable it to keep on delivering satisfaction to all its customers (past, present and future) honouring its commitments.

It also proves that we have not only been making statements about all of the above-mentioned principles, we have actually been practising these, as many of our existing clients will testify.  We can not always match our competitor’s lower prices, after all they know what the best product is really worth. We strive to give the best "value for money", the best long term investment for you, our Valued Client.

In the faces of adversity in 1996 when we lost everything we showed character and commitment by moving forward, we retained all of our staff, completed all committed contracts, regrouped and rebuilt our business and premises.  We chose to redefine our direction in niche fields using the latest technology and machinery, which was all built by our staff. We lifted our business onto the "World Arena" through our quality and innovation entering export markets.