Mardi Gras Heads Supplies - paper mache animated mardi-gras heads for pageants and festivals (a hobby business)



D. H. Newell Plastics - vacuum forming thermo plastic products



Dennis Newell Plastics (FRP – Composite Reinforced Plastics)



Fibreglass manufacturing



Newell Marine (New Company)



Manufacturing moved to existing site on Adelaide Road, Murray Bridge



Newell Signs (New Company)



Newell Engineering (New Company)



The Newell Group Pty Ltd (Companies condensed) Trading as Dennis Newell Plastics - Newell Marine - Newell Signs - Newell Engineering



December, Factory and Administration totally destroyed by fire. The “Phoenix” arises again



The Newell Group Pty Ltd rebuilds and formulates a new direction, trading as Dennis Newell Plastics – Newell Engineering



Newell Hua Dong International Pte Ltd (Singapore-Australia) formed and we entered the Asian Market – tenders placed on aquaculture farms



Newell Hua Dong International Pte Ltd (SG) wins major Singapore Government contract to build aquaculture equipment for ‘State of the Art’ entrepreneurial Aquaculture Project



AQUA Austral-Asia Pty Ltd (this company is disbanded later)



Newell Hua Dong International wins subcontract to build ‘Large Diameter’ tanks for Living Ocean International for The Singapore Navy

The Newell Group enters into an alliance agreement with Fibrelogic Pty Ltd to joint tender on projects and products

The Newell Group and AJ Stock (Truck body builders) confirm an existing alliance making AJ Stock the distributor of TNG FRP Road Tankers

The Newell Group was contracted by a major engineering consulting firm KBR Halliburton to carry out FRP Consultancy Quality Assurance services in Indonesia South East Asia, the field work was carried out by Newell Hua Dong International

Visited Vestas and NEG Micon factories in Denmark on the South Australian Government’s “Trade mission on wind enery”; quoted Vestas to manufacture Nose Cones and Nacelles for drawings and data supplied



Beverley Uranium-Western Mining Corporation and Kimberly-Clark Australia contracts won

Composite Seminar on the 7th August held at The Newell Group in conjunction with FGI “Awareness of Composites to Industry”

The formation in principle of Newell Hua Dong Gunung Putri International Asia/Australia/Pacific, composites manufacturing and aquaculture

The Newell Group through Newell Hua Dong International (SG) wins a contract with USA company, Purafil, to manufacture 45 odor control systems for Hong Kong



Contract procured through Singapore, project managed by Singapore with construction in the JV’s Johor Bahru factories in Malaysia; Newell Hua Dong International accepted as the Asian manufacturer for Purafil USA; further orders received for Korea and Thailand

Contracts for ‘Santos’ equipment completed – Fire tanks Pt. Bonython, “Catch Pot” pressure vessels ‘Moomba Gas Fields’

Stage 1 for Heathgate Resources – Beverley Uranium chemical tanks won,  R&D work carried out for refurbishment of filters and pumps

Stage 1 of Ecoseafoods, Cebu-Philippines aquaculture project – Consulting



The Newell Group and Aquamarine tenders to consult, fabricate, deliver and install the composite aquaculture equipment and establish a facility for Ecoseafoods in Cebu-Philippines

The Newell Group (Australia) & Gunung Putri (Indonesia) signed an MOU and formed a joint venture giving TNG access to many products for global distribution into regions Gunung Putri are not already operating

Travel to China Guangzhou, Huangshan, Shanghai and Nantong to establish Trade-Links for market advantage

Consultant in Australia to Wind Turbine Industry, re: failure of Turbine blades



Formed JV in Shandong Province China - full FRP capabilities and consulting

Broaden Marketing / Consultation sector into Asia – China



Dezhou-Shandong Provice China formed a Joint Venture with Mu Shuang

Pure-Air Filtration USA equipment for Tai Po China Los Angles Odour/Gas Scrubber into Washington State USA & for Nevada USA detail pending

International Aquaculture. Projects under assessment in CEBU, Philippines, Dubai (UAE), Malaysia and Curacao (Caribbean).

Australia - United Group Infrastructure 0 Nine (9) Water Treatment Plants for Murray River, South Australia

Osmoflow Pty Ltd Australia - Tanks for Hong Kong Desalination Plant from JB Malaysia plant.

Uranium One - Design Build in consurtium FRPP components for "Honeymoon Uranium"

Doosan Hydro Technology - Tampa Florida - Process equipment for Brisbane, QLD

Orica Australia - Watercare - Issues annual order to TNG as preferred FRP equipment manufactuer.









Doosan Hydro Technology USA - Ongoing site work at Luggage Point Alliance Project, Brisbane, QLD

BHP Billiton - Mine Shaft Vent 'Verses'

Australian Submarine Corp.

Submarine Battery Bases

Australian alliance with Fiberlogic and Derek Gee Pipeline Instalations.

Airepure Australia - Numerous contracts awarded for Odour Control and EGS units for Canberra - ACT, Carrum and Greenvale - VIC, Glenelg - SA

Airservices Australia - Fire Fighting Foam Tanks for Karratha, WA and Ularu, NT

Reappointed SABAN Ambassador by SA Great & Premier of South Australia

Acciona Agua & Adelaide Aqua - won Adelaide Desalination Plant Chemical Tank contract



Appointed sole Australian distributor and global marketing of EPP Composites, India

Osmoflo Pty Ltd - Water Treatment Plant Tanks for Barrow Island Gas Fields

Australian Submarine Corporation - Defence Contracts won