Filament Winding

Filament Winding is a semi automated manufacturing process designed to produce quickly tank shells that have very high hoop strength.

Our mirror finished moulds are secured horizontally onto the filament winder drive shaft. Our mould sizes range from 900 mm to 4500 mm in diameter, with mostly section lengths of 3000 mm. This means 6000 mm high/long tanks can be produced by joining two sections. The 4000 mm and 4500 mm diameter can be built in larger sections, producing any given height/length tank. Please click here to view our mould shell drawings.

The interiors can be a black interior gelcoat for standard water tanks, or a specially formulated "Corrosion Barrier" for chemical tanks.

With the initial interior tank in place the structural "Hoop-Chop" construction is applied. This is a series of chopped glass layers sandwiched between the winding rovings layers. Our engineers may design for additional layers of woven mat etc. to be included which is applied at this stage. In most cases the base and top knuckles are also completed at this stage along with the roof and base.

The completed shell can then have the exterior flowcoat finish applied, when this has cured the tank shell can be demoulded. It will have the base and top as an integral moulded part of the shell only requiring a high strength internal and external bonded joint.

The tank then progresses through the factory to the fit out stage where each tank is fitted out according to the clients specific orientation requirements.

Benefits of filament winding

  • Food grade ISO resin used
  • Highly chemical resistant vinyl ester resins
  • Dark interior
  • Increased strength to weight ratio
  • Perfectly smooth interior of tanks
  • Post manufacturing cure of tanks
  • Straight sided tanks
  • Any colour of your choice
  • Domestic tanks 20 year guarantee
  • Fully trained manufacturing technicians building your tank