Cone / Flat Based Aquaculture Tanks

The Newell Group manufactures a range of specially designed tanks. They can be customised to the extent of colour, with dull colours like black or dark green used for marine life that spends much of their time on the ocean or river bed, or alternatively bright colours like chrome green, central blue or white used for other varieties of marine life that thrive in a bright environment. Colour is also used to lessen the intensity of a blinding white interior and assist fish in "seeing" their food. The choice of the interior colour is ultimately the individual’s preference, but the colour chosen is usually similar to the fish’s natural habitat for adaption.

Aquaculture tanks are available in either flat or cone bases. There are benefits associated with both of these options, however the cone base is more popular among hatcheries. Cone based tanks allow for easy collection of stock and easy drainage of water. The stock is collected via gravity through the elbow at the base. The cone collects all the debris and waste, from the fish, at the bottom. Cleaning is easy by drainage via the elbow, and done without stressing the fish.

Other benefits associated with these tanks are:

  • The smooth and glossy interior surface prevents algae from ‘hanging or latching’ on and eliminates the possibility of disease breeding, that is the tanks are self cleaning.
  • Easy for cleaning.
  • The fish do not injure themselves from the interior surface when they brush against it.
  • The tanks are free of any residual volatilise achieved through our MIIT process creating completely inert surfaces, which in turn eliminates the chance of harmful substances getting in contact with the fish retarding the fish growth or causing fatalities.