Aquaculture Australia-Asia World-class products and services:

  • Complete project fish farms
  • Egg Hatching Tanks
  • Live fish transporters
  • Brood stock Tanks
  • Larvae grow out tanks
  • Artemia tanks
  • Biofilters

In Australia and Asia we can build all styles of aquaculture tanks to yours or an aquaculture consultants design. We can provide a complete aquaculture project service, that is, from Assessment Feasibility - Concept - Design - Construction - Equipping - Marine Biology - Business/Marketing Plan.

No system is too small or too large. We can refer you to reliable small system builders and consultants. We work here in association with many aquaculture consultants worldwide.

Through our associations, with Aquaculture Biologist - Civil/Marine Engineer - Composite manufacturing companies, we can provide a service to project farms in Australia and overseas.