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Where it all began!
Where it all began!
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Present Factory

About Us

Newell Composites Pty Ltd

The Newell Group was founded by the Managing Director, Dennis Newell in 1967 with the August family taking the reins in 2014 under the name Newell Composites Pty Ltd.

Newell Composites factory and administration is based at Murray Bridge, in regional South Australia, only 45 minutes from ADELAIDE. It is adjacent to the major highway which links Australia's east to the west.

Newell Composites boasts a highly skilled workforce, specialises in Composite Reinforced Plastics niche manufacturing. Our core business is 'Corrosion Resistant Products', based around the process of filament winding.

Other processes are 'Polymer Concrete' and hand lay up. Niche product pattern and mold capabilities allow us to work closely with clients developing new products.

We began business using vacuum forming of plastic sheet entering the Composites Reinforced Plastics manufacturing in 1973.

Through the seventies into the eighties and onto the nineties the business grew, diversified and expanded greatly. New products and process were developed.

So much that several branches were established; Newell Marine, Newell Signs, Newell Engineering and Newell Plastics/Fibreglass were running very successfully.

Just as the 'Waters seemed calm', a devastating fire destroyed on December 6th 1996. All equipment, factories, warehouses, workshops, showrooms and offices were completely destroyed.

With our recent addition of the 'Filament Winding' process, the Newell Family decided to rebuild and continue on. Through the dedication and hard work of our loyal staff, production continued at a temporary site, no orders were lost. Our construction team began to rebuild our facility on the same site. The administration were back on site in April 1997 and the new 'State of the Art' factory became operational in September 1997.

This facility now has in operation, 3 horizontal and 1 vertical winder machines as well as several depositors. New molds were constructed and business boomed.

We chose to relinquish our Marine, Sign and Engineering sectors to concentrate on "Niche Composite Reinforced Plastics" corrosion resistant products.

In 1998 the opportunity to enter the Asian markets came, through our winning of a contract to build composite reinforced plastic equipment for the Singapore Government's St John Island entrepreneurial 'Aquaculture Farm'.

A joint venture was formed with Hua Dong Fibreglass, the company, "Newell Hua Dong International", was formed in 1999.

Singapore was the "springboard' for The Newell Group into international trade through Newell Hua Dong International. Projects were won and successfully completed in China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

These projects were for many companies from the region, USA and Europe. The quality offered by Newell Hua Dong International has been the hallmark of our Asian/International success.

Alliances have been formed with several international aquaculture marine biologists and engineers enabling us to consult and build 'Turn Key' aquaculture facilities.

On the Australian scene, products are constructed for many multinational companies for a multiple of uses.

Key personnel at Newell Composites in Australia and Newell Hua Dong International in Asian boast many years’ service, experience and skills in all facets of our industry and associated business.

This foray into the International Market gave us the experience to further develop our business skills and diversify.

Our concentration of quality and integrity ensures our clients receive what they design and order. This client satisfaction we believe is so important.

Newell Composites Australia has created alliances with several other companies in the composites industry, who share synergies in quality and integrity. This enables Newell Composites to engage in large contracts applying our quality assurances.

These companies comprise of several FRP companies who can supply complimentary products e.g. pipe and installation. Other clients use our drafting, design and engineering services so we can assist with product development, construction and installation.

Dennis Newell has over 40 years business experience including FRP design and engineering along with several other head staff, who have over 20 plus years experience in FRP construction.

Please call us on any Composite Reinforced Plastic (FRP) inquiry, product or service you may be seeking and if we cannot assist you we certainly will do our best to pass you onto those who can assist you in the fields of your inquiry.

We are also able to assist you with your acrylic/ polycarbonate requirements as well as fibreglass boat and pool repairs.